McAfee counts in the list of world’s best, reputed and highly advanced computer security service providers. McAfee provides the computer security through their security products; here you check the list of all McAfee Products which perform the task against the virus files and threats to protect the computer system.


When the user take help from customer support that time in such cases McAfee customer support team uses McShield.exe for providing the support. Through this program, McAfee can solve almost every issue of antivirus because this program is developed for multiple purpose or cases of antivirus technical issues. Many times it covers over all process of CPU cause of users see in the “Task manager” that CPU consume 100% space and the result of this, users don’t have enough space in CPU to run or launch any other application or software in the computer system.

We can say, McShield.exe, is the main part of the McAfee antivirus which process all the tasks to protect the computer system from the malware and spyware threats. If you are using any of the products of McAfee antivirus so make sure that your computer has at least 1GHz processor and 2 Gigabyte(GB) Random Access Memory (RAM), this configuration is also mentioned on the official website of McAfee

These type of issues become plague for the computer system so it necessary to remove this from the computer system. To fix the over usage of CPU, just follow these steps or you can also contact to USA McAfee Technical support Number +1-855-675-0083.

Steps are:

Open the Task Manager by clicking CTRL+ALT+DEL > Processes > View after that select these columns

I/O Writes, I/O Write Bytes, I/O Reads, I/O Read Bytes, I/O Others, I/O Other Bytes

Sort according to each of the findings by each of the I/O columns displayed. By doing so, you can come to know of the many processes that may be consuming a large amount of disk I/O.


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